Timber Sale Administration

The primary goal of many of our clients is to sell their timber. Timing in the sale of timber is crucial and a knowledge of the markets and buyers will make a difference.

We place special emphasis on making sure that the timber is harvested in such a way as to protect the land and the environment. This includes using Best Management Practices (BMPs) to protect water quality.

We provide complete timber sale supervision and administration services to our clients. Our professional guidance ensures that your timber is sold at the highest possible price while also ensuring that the forest remains stable after the harvest. Timber harvesting and sale administration services are based on the objectives of the landowner, and we strive to make each operation efficient and productive.

Timber sale administration services may include:

• Timber cruise and appraisal to determine product volumes and current market values.
• Consultation on access to the property and negotiation of temporary rights-of-way, if necessary.
• Marking or cruising the timber to be harvested based on sound forestry and the landowner’s objectives as well as to comply with a forest management plan and state forestry regulations when applicable.
• Producing a Bid Prospectus, with special considerations, summary by species and diameter size.
• Mailing the Bid Prospectus to 60—80 timber buyers.
• Holding a showing so the interested timber buyers can see the timber.
• Bidding is done through a sealed bid system. The Bid Opening is approximately 2 weeks after the showing.
• Producing a contract between the landowner and the winning timber buyer, including a performance bond from the buyer.
• Verifying the contractor’s insurance coverage.
• Administration of the contract throughout the project, including supervision of the cutting, product utilization, and restoration.
• Maintaining a record of products shipped from the timber land operation.
• Collection of payment for timber. Most timber sales are sold lump sum so the landowner receives full payment before harvesting starts.

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