Our offices are equipped with state-of-the-art GIS (Geographic Information System) computer mapping software, and GPS (Global Positioning System) mapping capabilities.

Along with these technologies, our foresters use satellite imaging and aerial photography to create detailed and accurate tract, stand, and feature maps.

These technologies enable us to easily overlay property boundaries and timber stand lines on aerial photography or topographic maps for use in the field and for presentation. We store tract and stand information in databases linked to maps through GIS for easy accurate mapping.

Southeastern Forest Management’s foresters are experienced in aerial photography interpretation and can accurately delineate forest types and other spatial information through computer mapping. GPS technology allows Southeastern Forest Management’s foresters the ability to ensure the accuracy of their maps utilizing field reconnaissance whenever needed. We use state-of-the-art industry-standard software to ensure file compatibility with your cooperating agencies or consultants.

Southeastern Forest Management can produce any of the following geographic imaging products for its clients’ needs:

Timber type maps for timber sales and management planning
• Location maps and displays for real estate sales
• Timber cruise and harvest maps with designated streamside management zones
• Color maps for timber and timberland appraisal reports
• Tract maps showing roads, gates, and locks for use by contractors or hunt clubs

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